About Blaze Weekly

Blaze Weekly is a news magazine show produced by media production students at Burnsville High School in Minnesota that airs every Thursday. Students can register for Introduction to Media Production, Intermediate Media Production and Advanced Media Production. In those classes, students learn about the basics of broadcast journalism including how to write stories, how to shoot interviews and B-Roll footage, and how to edit stories using Adobe Premiere. Students also learn all components of a live show in a studio including cameras, anchoring, teleprompting, directing, producing, audio and floor directing. Students can also learn more about these skills in Multimedia Animation class.

Our students also have the unique opportunity to be crew members for live sporting events and events through our partnership with Burnsville Community Television (BCTV).

The first Blaze Weekly episode aired on October 11, 2011. Below is a listing of shows. Click on the show date to watch the show on YouTube:

Show #
Date Anchors Stores and Reporters Show Close and Notes
184 6-1-17 Daigle, Loucks Chromebooks (Herrmann), B-Side Rejects (Pahl), Blaze Weekly Seniors (Popkin) Alumni Credits (Fee, Mientkiewicz)
183 5-25-17 Herrmann, Popkin 8th Graders (Loucks), Baseball (Burton), C.Q. Summer Plans S.S. Abby and Sam (Herrmann)
182 5-18-17 Loucks, Tifre Senior Carnival (Pahl), Foreign Exchange (Herrmann), Softball (Popkin) S.S. Sponsler (Herrmann)
181 5-12-17 Pahl, Burton Hairspray (Herrmann), Travel Club (Tollefson), Mental Health Awareness (Loucks) S.S. Wollmuth (Herrmann)
180 5-5-17 Burton, Loucks Blood Drive (Tifre), C.Q. Prom (Daigle), Girls' Track (Popkin) S.S. Stefanich (Herrmann)
179 4-27-17 Burton, Pahl Giving Garden (Loucks), Super Band (Kutz), C.Q. Decision Day (Tifre) S.S. Van Dorpe (Herrmann)
178 4-21-17 Daigle, Popkin Doggie Dash (Tifre), Volunteer Fair (Tollefson), Summer Camps (Loucks) S.S. Marsolek (Herrmann)
177 4-13-17 Burton, Herrmann New Open (Loucks) DECA (Pahl), Brainpower (Johnson), Girls' Lacrosse (Popkin) S.S. Danberg (Hermann)
176 4-6-17 Popkin, Pahl Rugby (Burton), The Mousetrap (Herrmann), Recycling (Tifre) S.S. Lattery (Herrmann)
175 3-23-17 Herrmann, Popkin Boys Track (Burton), Al Franken's Visit (Tollefson), C.Q. Spring Break (Loucks) S.S. Jackson (Herrmann)
174 3-16-17 Loucks, Tifre Multicultural Night (Pahl), Olympic Weightlifting (Burton), Badminton (Popkin) S.S. Fuentes (Herrmann)
173 3-9-17 Daigle, Popkin Volunteering (Tifre), Drumline (Tollefson), College Planning (Herrmann) S.S. Fee (Herrmann)
172 2-23-17 Burton, Loucks Girls' Basketball (Pahl), Futsol (Popkin), Jazz Cafe (Tollefson) S.S. Hockey Hair (Silberman)
171 2-16-17 Tifre, Herrmann 20 Time (Loucks), Firefly (Burton) Deutsch Barn Fire (Tollefson) S.S. Holmstrom (Herrmann)
170 2-9-17 Loucks, Popkin Synchronized Skating (Tifre), Showcase (Herrmann), Triple A Winners (Pahl) S.S. Koch (Herrmann)
169 2-2-17 Tifre, Loucks Boys Basketball (Burton), Wrestling (Popkin), Snow Week (Dang) School Song
168 1-20-17 Daigle, Popkin Finals Week C.Q. (Tifre), Nordic Skiing (Dobrzynski), Winter Parking (Loucks) S.S. Jacobson (Herrmann)
167 1-12-17 Daigle, Burton Boys Swimming (Herrmann), Wild (Pahl), Carrie Fisher (Tollefson) S.S. Miller (Kersten)
166 1-5-17 Tifre, Popkin Yearbook (Lattery), Olympic Lifting (Burton), C.Q. New Year (Daigle) S.S. Chow (Herrmann)
165 12-15-16 Topping, Dobrzynski Star Wars (Tollefson), Fishing Club (Pahl), C.Q. Winter Break (Tifre) S.S. Miklowski (Herrmann)
164 12-8-16 Daigle, Dobrzynski Reputation Open (Daigle), Parking (Topping), Blood Drive (Dang), One Act (Burton) Hockey Hair (Silberman)
163 12-1-16 Pahl, Burton Mock Trial (Popkin), Freestyle (Tollefson), Quiz Bowl (Dobrzynski) S.S. Jama (Kersten)
162 11-17-16 Tollefson, Pahl Youth Service (Stratten), No Shave November (Tifre), Les Miserables (Dang) S.S. Tourtillot (Hermann)
161 11-10-16 Topping, Dobrzynski Diamonhead Clinic (Burton), Chicago Cubs (Pahl), Trump C.Q. (Loucks) S.S. Brown (Kersten)
160 11-3-16 Popkin, Tifre Girls Cross Country (Dobrzynski), State Park (Tollefson), Discover BHS (Dang) S.S. Tinklenberg (Hermann)
159 10-27-16 Topping, Daigle Activity Center (Burton), Vikings (Pahl), Halloween C.Q. (Tifre) S.S. Balmer (Kersten)
158 10-13-16 Tollefson, Dobrzynski Volleyball (Popkin), BHS History (Daigle), Girls Soccer (Burton) S.S. Montgomery (Herrmann)
157 10-5-16 Daigle, Burton Day of Service (Dang), Girls Swimming (Dobrzynski), National Merit (Pahl) S.S. Koski (Kersten)
156 9-29-16 Tifre, Dobrzynski 9th Graders (Burton), Jose Fernandez (Tollefson), New Teacher (Daigle) S.S. Shepley (Herrmann)
155 9-21-16 Pahl, Burton Boys Soccer (Popkin), Homecoming C.Q. (Topping), Puffettes (Tifre) S.S. Saba (Kersten)
154 9-15-16 Topping, Popkin Construction (Tollefson), Football (Pahl), CQ Advice for Students (Dobrzynksi) School Song
153 6-2-16 Connor, Kersten Senior Carnival (Mosser), Summer Movies (Burton & Tollfeson), C.Q. Summer Plans S.S. Phommavongsa (Lopez)
152 5-26-16 Tollefson, Burton Girls Golf (Redbird), Seniors (Olson), C.Q. Summer Jobs S.S. Cuate (Jensen)
151 5-19-16 Redbird, Popkin Senior Awards (Samuel), Blood Drive (Burton), Showcase (Tollefson) S.S. Amos (Lopez)
150 5-12-16 Samuel, Olson Rugby (Burton), Souls 4 Soles (Kersten), Jerrad Film (Pahl) S.S. Anna Alvey (Jensen)
149 5-5-16 Tollefson, Popkin Decision Day (Samuel), Teacher (Olson), Badminton (Kivens) Jerrad Film Trailer
148 4-28-16 Samuel, Kersten Baseball (Pahl), Girls' Lacrosse (Redbird), Swing (Tollefson) S.S. Ludvigson (Lopez)
147 4-21-16 Mosser, Kivens Doggie Dash (Olson), Girls Track (Popkin), Boys Track (Burton) S.S. Will Alvey (Jensen)
146 4-16-16 Redbird, Pahl Project Pencil (Kersten), Bowls for Brainpower (Samuel), Senior Shirt (Mosser) S.S. BAC Basketball (Lopez)
145 4-7-16 Popkin, Olson Drumline (Tollefson), Perfect PSAT (Pahl), To Kill A Mockingbird (Kivens) S.S. Pina (Jensen)
144 3-17-16 Connor, Popkin Olympic Weightlifting (Burton), Children's Art Show (Kersten), C.Q. Spring Break S.S. Jensen (Lopez)
143 3-10-16 Olson, Connor Science Students (Cano), Kickboxing Club (Redbird), Films at the Fitz (Tollefson) S.S. Sandvig (Jensen)
142 3-3-16 Cano, Pahl Senior Party (Mosser), Boys Hockey (Connor), App Challenge (Kersten) Hockey Hair Credits
141 2-25-16 Burton, Redbird Man of La Mancha (Popkin), Writing Center (Olson), Auto Body Shop (Pahl) S.S. Hoanglong (Lopez)
140 2-18-16 Olson, Kivens Quiz Bowl (Tollefson), Brainpower in a Backpack (Redbird), Alpine Skiing (Cano) S.S. Gigstad (Jensen)
139 2-11-16 Pahl, Tollefson The Garage (Mosser), Drumline (Kivens), C.Q. Pick Up Lines S.S. Johnson-Miles (Lopez)
138 2-5-16 Mosser, Redbird National Signing Day (Connor), Robotics (Popkin), C.Q. Snow Day S.S. Donnelly (Jensen)
137 1-29-16 Olson, Cano #burnsvillestrong (Mosser), Young Life (LaValle), Girls Hockey (Pahl) S.S. Wong (Lopez)
136 1-14-16 Pahl, Kivens Recycling (Kersten), Snow Week (Cano), Youth Service (Zerr) Blair Walsh Credits (Tinkham)
135 1-7-16 Tinkham, McCarthy Boys Basketball (Connor), Junior Gold Hockey (Olson), Marine Biology (Pahl) S.S. Akah (Jensen)
134 12-17-15 Mosser, Kivens Boys Hockey (McCarthy), Star Wars (Tollefson), C.Q. Winter Break (Kersten) S.S. Taylor (Lopez)
133 12-10-15 Mr. Meyer, Cano Office Open (Tinkham), Alpine Ski (Tinkham), PROUD (Mosser), C.Q. Winter S.S. Cao (Jensen)
132 12-3-15 Pahl, McCarthy Step Team (Cano), Math Team (Kauls), Wrestling (Lanhart) S.S. Andert (Lopez)
131 11-19-15 Kivens, Mosser Olympic Weightlifting (Kersten), National Merit (Connor), C.Q. Thanksgiving (Tinkham) S.S. Deandrea Gray (Lopez)
130 11-12-15 Cano, Kersten Into the Woods (Tinkham), BAC Basketball (McCarthy), Cross Country (Redbird) S.S. Leverty (Jensen)
129 11-5-15 Mosser, Kivens Fishing Club (Pahl), Tech Club (Lanhart), College Fair (Cano) S.S. Isaiah Gray (Lopez)
128 10-30-15 Connor, Tinkham Open (Tinkham), Movies (Kivens), Costumes (Kivens), Halloween (McCarthy) Scare Credits (Connor)
127 10-22-15 Pahl, Kivens DECA (Cano), Band and Choir (Kauls), College Knowledge Month (Tinkham) S.S. Davenport (Jensen)
126 10-8-15 Tinkham, Connor Boys Soccer (Pahl), Trapshooting (Mosser), C.Q. MEA Break School Song Credits
125 10-1-15 McCarthy, Mosser Girls Swimming (Kivens), Construction (Connor), Activities and Clubs (Kersten) S.S. Senethavilay (Lopez)
124 9-24-15 Pahl, Kersten Show Open (Tinkham), Football (Lanhart), Puffettes (McCarthy), Homecoming (Cano) S.S. Swanson (Lopez)
123 5-28-15 Burk, Webber Game of Thrones Open (Croatt), Secret Lives of Faculty (Gehrke), Burk Class Acts FACULTY SHOW, Nelson Cribs
122 5-21-15 Mosser, Kivens Teacher of the Year (Leake), Girls' Track (Lanhart), Construction (Martens) S.S. Young-Church (Rahier)
121 5-14-15 Dixon, Gilman SPORTS CENTER SHOW-Baseball (Tham), Boys' Golf (Connor), Badminton (Kivens) Ty Alyea Story, Open (Dixon)
120 5-7-15 Dixon, Gilman Jekyll and Hyde (Kauls), Girls' Lacrosse (Leake), CQ Prom (Shepley) S.S. Miller (Rahier)
119 4-30-15 Tham, Shepley Bowls for Brainpower (Martens), Giving Garden (Mosser), Peacemaking Circle (Dixon) S.S. Le (Rahier)
118 4-23-15 Leake, Kauls Travel Club (Kivens), Boys' Lacrosse (Shepley), NHS (Hughes) S.S. Davidson (Rahier)
117 4-16-15 Mosser, Kivens Knitting Club (Kauls), Science Students (Connor), Mr. Anderson (Martens) S.S. Bunce (Rahier)
116 4-9-15 Shepley, Hayden Class Acts (Mosser), Rugby (Dixon), Drumline (Hughes) S.S. Bond (Rahier)
115 4-2-15 Gilman, Kivens Boys' Track (Leake), Books of Love (Dixon), C.Q. Warm Weather (Lanhart) S.S. Van Dorpe (Rahier)
114 3-12-15 Lanhart, Tham Mobile CSP (Dixon), Olympic Weightlifting (Martens), CQ. Spring Break S.S. Jones (Rahier)
113 3-5-15 Martens, Kauls Polar Plunge (Tham), Young Life (Shepley), Vision 191 (Hayden) S.S. Swenson (Rahier)
112 2-26-15 Dixon, Kivens Stock Market Club (Mosser), Of Mice and Men (Leake), Jazz Cafe (Kauls) S.S. Wilson (Rahier)
111 2-19-15 Lanhart, Tham Boys' Swimming (Kivens), Vision 191 (Gilman), Special Ed. Talent Show (Dixon) S.S. Cox (Rahier)
110 2-12-15 Dixon, Kivens Dream Valentine (Martens), Pick Up Lines (Connor), Dating Tips (Tham) Bachelorette Credits (Kauls)
109 2-5-15 Connor, Tham Alpine Skiing (Kivens), National Signing Day (Lanhart), Showcase (Mosser) S.S. Skwigelf (Dixon)
108 1-29-15 Lanhart, Kauls Blazettes (Dixon), Snow Week (Gilman), Super Bowl Commercials (Connor) S.S. Decker (Rahier)
107 1-22-15 Gilman, Tham Student Jobs (Dixon), Laurie's Mittens (Lanhart), One Acts (Mosser) S.S. Churchill (Rahier)
106 1-9-14 Dixon, Lanhart Boys' Basketball (Tham), Smashburger (Gilman), C.Q. Cold Weather (Connor) S.S. Prommavongsa (Robinson)
105 12-18-14 Dixon, Robinson Vision 191 (Gilman), Choir Concerts (Mosser), C.Q. Winter Break (Tham) S.S. Burke (Rahier)
104 12-11-14 Gilman, Mosser School Store (Connor), Blaze Weekly's 100th Episode (Dixon), Wrestling (Lanhart) S.S. Davenport (Robinson)
103 12-4-14 Dixon, Leake Chess (Tham), Yearbook (Kersten), Burnsville Strong Retreat (Gilman) S.S. Kogo (Rahier)
102 11-20-14 Tham, Gilman Blood Drive (Dixon), Olympic Weightlifting (Lanhart), Girls' Swimming (Kivens) S.S. Gagliano (Robinson)
101 11-13-14 Tham, Robinson Futsal (Connor), Young Frankenstein (Mosser), Cross Country (Rahier) S.S. Scollard (Rahier)
100 11-6-14 Connor, Tham We Scare (Lanhart), Movember (Gilman), The Flame (Mosser) S.S. Perez (Rahier)
99 10-30-14 Dixon, Mosser Favorite Part of Halloween (Hughes), Costumes (Tham), C.Q. Candy (Hughes) Open & Scaring Credits (Dixon)
98 10-23-14 Mosser, Gilman New Teachers (Connor), Burnsville Strong (Dixon), Girls' Soccer (Tham) S.S. Mueske (Gilman)
97 10-9-14 VanderWoude, Staniforth Girls' Tennis (Lanhart), College Knowledge (Mosser), C.Q. MEA Break (Connor) S.S. Kesseh (Gilman)
96 10-2-14 Dixon, Gilman Day of Service (Hughes), Boys' Soccer (Connor), DECA (Tham) S.S. Salan (Gilman)
95 9-25-14 Mosser, Tham Quiz Bowl (Hughes), Foreign Exchange (Dixon), C.Q. Fall Season (Lanhart) S.S. Wickham (Gilman)
94 9-18-14 VanderWoude, Engle Construction (Connor), Marching Band (Hughes), Football (Mosser) Open (Dixon), S.S. Martin (Gilman)
93 5-29-14 Burk, Webber When I Was 17 (Burnham), Teacher Feature (Walters), Outside of School (Gehrke) Open & Cribs Credits (Croatt)
92 5-22-14 Lanhart, Rivera Senior Carnival (Hayden), Youth Service (Torralba), C.Q. Summer Break (Dixon) S.S. Ruckes (LaFave)
91 5-15-14 Dixon, Mizusaki Blood Drive (Volkert), Bully Ball (Mientkiewicz), Trip to Peru (Mosser) S.S. Myers (Dixon)
90 5-8-14 Rivera, Mientkiewicz Shrek the Musical (Fee), Decision Day (LaFave), Google for Doodle (Dixon) S.S. Peerboom (Rivera)
89 5-1-14 Lanhart, Mizusaki Boys' Track (Staats), Swing Dance (Hughes), AP Testing (Mosser) Prom Credits (Fee)
88 4-24-14 Dixon, Rivera Teacher of Year (Mientkiewicz), Women in Technology (Volkert), Boys' Tennis (Fee) S.S. Diaz (LaFave)
87 4-17-14 Volkert, Rivera Student Art Festival (Fee), Rugby (Lanhart), Marine Biology Club (Mosser) S.S. Fischer (Dixon)
86 4-10-14 Mizusaki, Mosser Band/Choir to Italy (Smeester). MCA Test (Fee), Bowls for Brainpower (Mientkiewicz) S.S. Hughes (Rivera)
85 4-3-14 Volkert, LaFave Scott Svare (Lanhart), Composting Video, DECA Burger Jones (Torralba) Open (Brinkmann)
84 3-19-14 Mientkiewicz, Rivera AAA Awards (Volkert), Anti-Bullying (Connor), C.Q. Spring Break (Hayden) S.S. Baker (LaFave)
83 3-13-14 Lanhart, LaFave Olympic Weightlifting (Mientkiewicz), Drumline (Hughes), AP Classes (Torralba) S.S. Banuelos (Dixon)
82 3-6-14 Rivera, Mientkiewicz Arsenic and Old Lace (Fee), Writing Center (Mosser), CQ Oscars (Cotton) S.S. Shreedaran (LaFave)
81 2-27-14 Lanhart, LaFave Team Greta (Rivera), Class Acts (Mientkiewicz), Spring Sports (Mosser) Open (Brinkmann), S.S. Ford
80 2-20-14 Cotton, LaFave AVID (Mientkiewicz), Presidents' Day (Dixon), Interior Design (Volkert) S.S. Scholl (Rivera)
79 2-13-14 Dixon, Rivera Last Minute Dates (Lanhart), Valentine Movies (Fee), Pick Up Lines (LaFave) Open (Brinkmann), Credits (Fee)
78 2-6-14 Volkert, LaFave New Music Classes (Solheim), Jazz Cafe (Mientkiewicz), Math League (Mosser) S.S. Ranft/Kibler (Dixon)
77 1-31-14 Mientkiewicz, Rivera Cold Weather (Lanhart), Quiz Bowl (Dixon), C.Q. Snow Week (Solheim) S.S. Anna Brunner, no school M,T
76 1-23-14 Rivera, Solheim One Acts (Fee), Wrestling (Lanhart), S.S. Rubi Medel (LaFave) No school Thursday - cold weather
75 1-10-14 Lanhart, LaFave SCO (Wolk), Bitter Cold (Dixon), Open Lunch (McClure) S.S. Credits - Georgi Donchetz
74 12-19-13 Rivera, LaFave Salvation Army (Solheim), History of Santa (Stage), C.Q. Worst Present (Werness) Open (Brinkmann), Waleed Rashid
73 12-12-13 Gilman, LaFave Gaming Club (Mosser), Boys' Hockey (Christopherson), FEST Program (Schovanec) S.S. Credits - Libin Said (LaFave)
72 12-5-13 Christopherson, Rivera DECA (Kauls), A Bite to Share (Fee), Nordic Ski Team (Brinkmann) S.S. Credits-Brandon Kaas (Dixon)
71 11-21-13 Dixon, Volkert Olympic Lifting (Gilman), Concert Band (Solheim), Anime Club (Stoner) S.S. Credits - Vivian Hett (Rivera)
70 11-14-13 Gilman, LaFave Urinetown (Fee), Yearbook (Volkert), C.Q. Thanksgiving (Dixon)  
69 11-7-13 Rivera, Christopherson Girls' Soccer (Solheim), Cross Country (Stage), S.S. Jasmine Kurian Ms. Bunkers WCCO Credits
68 10-31-13 Dixon, Gilman The Garage (Lanhart), Halloween Movies (LaFave), Costumes (Fee) Open (Brinkmann), Scared Credits
67 10-24-13 Werness, LaFave Volleyball (Dixon), CQ Winter, Hip Hop Dancers (Fee)  
66 10-10-13 Gilman, Rivera Career Center (Werness), WE Day (Volkert), S.S. DJ Fulton (Dixon)  
65 10-3-13 Lanhart, LaFave Tech Club (Dixon), Blaze Nation (Werness), Flu Season (Christopherson) School Song Credits
64 9-26-13 Fee, Volkert Girls' Soccer (Werness), C.Q. Homecoming (Rivera), School Store (Dixon) Robotics Credits
63 9-19-13 Rivera, Werness New Teachers (Christoperson), New Cafeteria (Fee), Football (Lanhart) Open(Brinkmann),"We Are" Credits
62 5-30-13 Rykhus, Kuziej Rugby (LaFave), Boys' Golf (Lanhart), C.Q. Summer  
61 5-24-13 Amegbleame, Bayless The Garage (Rykhus), Baseball (Rivera), Finals (Kuziej) Baseball Interview Bloopers Credits
60 5-16-13 Lidholm, Below Blood Drive (Gudmonson), Showcase (Rhinevault), Boys' Track (Amegbleame)  
59 5-9-13 Fee, Wulferding New Cafeteria (Jacket), Softball (Lidholm), AP Testing (Hurlbut) Friends Open
58 5-2-13 Gudmonson, Johnson-Lent Trapshooting (Werness), Rugby (Lanhart), C.Q. Spring Weather (Lidholm)  
57 4-25-13 Rykhus, Fredericks Get Involved (Below), Spring Sports Weather (Wilkie), Beauty and the Beast (Fee)  
56 4-18-13 Sutton, Bayless Badminton (Wulferding), Professional Soccer (Lidholm), C.Q. Snowy Spring (Svare)  
55 4-11-13 Below, Amegbleame Q the Clique (Gudmonson), Construction (Kreissler), Boys' Lacrosse (Sutton)  
54 4-4-13 Rivera, Sutton School Store (Johnson-Lent), Teachers With Beards (Cantrell), Student Film (Rykhus)  
53 3-20-13 Lanhart, LaFave ISEF (Dudziak), C. Q. Spring Break (Amegbleame), 4th Grade Band (Kreissler)  
52 3-14-13 Rivera, Kuziej AVID (Lidholm), Olympic Lifting (Fee), ISATT (Wulferding)  
51 3-7-13 Lidholm, Gudmonson Parking Lot (Johnson-Lent), BAC Basketball (Fredericks), Class Acts (Rhinevault)  
50 2-28-13 Below, Amegbleame Boys' Hockey (Wilkie), Empty Bowls (Rivera), 2 Hour Late Start (Werness) Koivu Show Tease, Hockey Credits
49 2-21-13 Rykhus, Cantrell Minnesota Swarm (Lidholm), Drumline (Jacket), Taming of the Shrew (Fee) Harlem Shake Credits (Svare)
48 2-14-13 Rivera, Dudziak C.Q. Valentine's Day (Christoperson), Love Doctor (Johnson-Lent), Teachers (Svare) Valentine Rant Credits (Hurlbut)
47 2-7-13 Hurlbut, Wulferding Boys' Swimming (Below), Construction Class (Lanhart), DECA (Lidholm) Sparky Credits
46 1-24-13 Rivera, Christopherson Alpine Skiing (Lanhart), Minnesota Vikings (Hurlbut), One Acts (Fee) Vikings Interviews
45 1-17-13 Mientkiewicz, Kissell Girls' Hockey (Lidholm), Volunteering (Page), Robotics (Turgeon) School Song Credits
44 1-10-13 Rykhus, Cantrell Wrestlers (Fisher), Boys' Basketball (Amegbleame), Math League (Gullickson) Lifter Show Tease
43 12-20-12 Rivera, Johnson-Lent Presents (Pigsley), Kwanzaa (Hussein), Holidazzle Parade (Gudmonson) Holiday Open, Caroling Credits
42 12-13-12 Rykhus, Lidholm Girls' Basketball (Wilkie), AVID (Mientkiewicz), The Odd Couple (Fee) G. Hockey Commercial Credits
41 12-6-12 Gudmonson, Lanhart Blood Drive (Wulferding), International Banquet (Hundevad), Quiz Bowl (Wilkie)  
40 11-29-12 Rivera, Amegbleame Philosophy Club (Rykus), Olympic Lifting (Fee), Marines (Lanhart)  
39 11-22-12 Johnson-Lent, Fisher Thanksgiving (Hurlbut), Food (Kissell), Holiday Lights (Elmanssy) New Open (Svare)
38 11-15-12 Page, Rykhus Skyfall (Lidholm), Coloring Club (Christopherson), Hip Hop Dance (Mientkiewicz) New Open (Svare)
37 11-8-12 Hurlbut, Wulferding AP Computer Science (Page), Mystery of Edwin Drood (Below), Debate (Dudziak) Outside the Box Promo
36 11-1-12 Wilkie, Pigsley Volleyball (Lidholm), Student Bands (Johnson-Lent),  
35 10-25-12 Christopherson, Rivera Football (Amegbleame), College Planning (Wilkie), The Garage (Lanhart)  
34 10-11-12 Below, Hundevad Girls' Soccer (Hurlbut), Foreign Exchange (Kissell), APES Field Trip (Rykhus)  
33 10-4-12 Rykus, Wilkie Girls' Cross Country (Fisher), Diversity (Cantrell), NHL Lockout (Lidholm) NHL Interviews, Mazda EDU
32 9-27-12 Lidholm, Gudmonson Marching Band (Below), Boys' Soccer (Rivera), C.Q. Homecoming Week Kissell Bloopers Credits
31 9-20-12 Christopherson, Kissell Construction (Wilkie), Super Fans (Hurlbut), Girls' Swimming (Below) Teacher Flash Mob Credits
30 6-7-12 Rykhus, Lidholm Construction (Rugnetta), Baseball (Christopherson), Summer Strength (Kuziej)  
29 5-31-12 Rugnetta, Horton Softball (Kuziej), Finals Advice (Elmanssy), Class of 2012 (Below)  
28 5-24-12 Below, Kuziej Mr. Burnsville (Wilkie), After Burner (Lidholm), C.Q. Memorial Day Weekend (Rykhus)  
27 5-17-12 Elmanssy, Hurlbut Blood Drive (Horton), Showcase (Below), Rugby (Wilkie)  
26 5-10-12 Christopherson, Rykus Badminton (Hurlbut), C.Q. College Plans (Elmanssy), Mr. Burnsville (Kuziej) Dare Dance Credits (Ly)
25 5-3-12 Kuziej, Below Girls' Lacrosse (Hurlbut), Sight Without Eyes (Svare), Willy Wonka (Rykus)  
24 4-26-12 Elmanssy, Lidholm Bowling Team (Wilkie), Day of Silence (Below), Boys' Lacrosse (Horton)  
23 4-19-12 Wilkie, Below Minnesota Stars Soccer (Lidholm), Auto Body Classes (Horton), Golf (Rugnetta)  
22 4-12-12 Kuziej, Rykhus Girls' Track (Below), Brainpower in a Backpack (Rugnetta), Art Exhibit (Elmanssy)  
21 4-5-12 Christopherson, Elmanssy Photography Classes (Rykus), Boys' Track (Rugnetta), Science Fair (Below)  
20 3-22-12 Below, Lidholm C.Q. Spring Break (Elmanssy), Choir (Christopherson), The Garage (Rykhus)  
19 3-15-12 Rykus, Kuziej Burnsville Performing Arts (Lidholm), LIve Bracketology (Hurlbut), DECA (Rugnetta)  
18 3-8-12 Elmanssy, Christopherson Band Trip to Costa Rica (Hurlbut), AP Classes (Wilkie), C.Q. Habits (Rugnetta)  
17 3-1-12 Lidholm, Below BCTV (Elmanssy), Class Acts (Kuziej), Robotics (Rugnetta) Brady Krebs Shout Out
16 2-23-12 Wilkie, Horton
Minnesota Wild (Lidholm), Star Wars Episode I (Rykhus), Empty Bowls (Below) Minnesota Wild Interviews
15 2-16-12 Elmanssy, Kuziej Ski Team (Wilkie), BAC Basketball (Christopherson), Step Team (Rugnetta) Kendrick Farris Show Tease
14 2-9-12 Rykhus, Rugnetta Parking Lot (Lidholm), Kendrick Farris (Horton), History of BHS (Elmanssy)  
13 2-2-12 Hurlbut, Wilkie Snow Week (Rugnetta), The Garage Dubstep (Rykhus), One Acts (Below)  
12 1-26-12 Christopherson, Rykhus Edible Arrangements (Marum), Philosophy Club (Holm), Minnesota Vikings (Hurlbut) Vikings Player Interviews
11 1-19-12 Taylor, Lidholm Wrestling (Horton), Drumline (Ly), C.Q. New Year's Resolution (Yurkov) Al Franken Show Tease
10 1-12-12 Boney, Park World Challenge (Fisher), Girls' Basketball (Soderholm), Al Franken Visit (Below) Lucky Ly Song Open, Al Franken
9 1-5-12 Wilkie, Soderholm College Planning (Yurkov), ELL Students (Elmanssy), Baking Club (Hwang) New Open, New Close
8 12-22-11 Fisher, Clem Cookies (Rykhus), Santa (C. Fischer), Hanakkuh (Boney), Lights (Below), CQ Break Jingle Bells Open, Worst Presents
7 12-15-11 Rivera, Thiede Boys' Hockey (Horton), Boys' Swimming (Kissell), BHS Basement (Murphy)  
6 12-8-11 Elmanssy, Lidholm School Store (Park), Boys' Basketball (Hurlbut), Sadie Hawkins (E. Fischer)  
5 12-2-11 Rykhus, Horton Girls' Hockey (Lidholm), Occupy Minnesota (Boney), Blithe Spirit (Dominik) Laser Cat Credits
4 11-23-11 Yurkov, E. Fisher History of Thanksgiving (Lidholm), Black Friday (Rivera), C.Q. Thanksgiving Thanksiving Show, De Niro Credits
3 11-17-11 Ly, Kissell FIRE (Elmanssy), Blazettes (Christoperson), Coloring Club (Rykhus) Planking Credits
2 11-10-11 C. Fischer, Christopherson Olympic Weightlifting (Wilkie), Girls' Swimming (Below), College Planning (Soto) Chromakey Virtual Set
1 11-3-11 Below, Hurlbut DJ Janu (Thiede), Football (Rykhus), Once Upon a Mattress (Hinz) Montage Open, Studio Close